Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

I drop by the bookstore this afternoon after a dreadful work in the office, meeting dealines of reports plus the three english classes in deffirent grade levels that I had to attend to, in school where I worked for. My plan was to unwine a little and to look for the book our professor in my Saturday Masteral Class has mentioned, The book is entitled men are from Mars , Women are from Venus. I really can't figure out if it is the exact title because I just heared it from my professor but i did not take an effort to write it down.When my professor told us a bit about the content of it,I got eager to grab a copy because she told us that it talks about the differences between how a husband and a wife would react to a certain problem. According to the author of the book,a wife would like to talk and talk about the problem while the husband is very quite, thinking of the solution to the problem. At this point the bigger problem will come out because the wife would think that the silence of the husband is being uncoopertive and the more she will talk the more he will become quite. The Author uses the term "cave" to discribe the silence of the husband that he is in his cave everytime he is quite about a problem. We even joked and asked our professor about what is the best thing a wife should do everytime the husband is in the cave? most of us anwered "destroy the cave" hehehe. I hope this is not your answer when asked the same.For me the best part of it says"The only thing that makes a husband happy is when he can make his wife happy and that the wife should help him make her feel happy"
Isn't it a great book? I wasn't able to buy it this afternoon because it was sold out.I think I have to go to the city just to buy one.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

hello world

Greetings of peace to each and everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Charina, a working wondermom,a wife,yet a father and a
mother to my two precious gifts, my children.

It is with my enermous intent to share to you my experiences,thoughts,feelings and ideas,my inspiration in making this blog.

I know I will be having wonderful time sharing with you and hope you will enjoy too.